7ecd7a_1be01140c3de3a36b7b6325850e9209a.jpg_srz_340_415_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzDemolition, Haul Away Daily Cleanup, Prep Work Area (Plastic, Paper Covering to protect furniture and minimize dust)
Installation of Cabinets/Granite Countertops/Backsplash – 4” or full height Flooring your choice (hardwood, ceramic, etc.)

  • Electric Lighting, Recess light, Under cabinet, Chandeliers, Pendant lights, and any electrical updates
  • Plumbing, Kitchen Sink, Disposal, Dishwasher and Faucet
  • Price depends upon square footage and materials used

As we work together during the design phase, consideration will be given for traffic pattern, storage needs, etc. as well as your budget.